Spencer Lewis

Musician, Composer, Explorer.

Music that paints the rural landscape...
and quiets the mind

Folk that Rocks 

FRP web jpeg.jpg

The Folk Rock Project heralds the merging of folk and rock with Lewis’ prolific, original songwriting and his penchant for interpreting the revered singer- songwriters who defined the genre. Dylan's Highway 61 & Blonde on Blonde era , Eric Andersen, John Stewart and Willie Nile all get their due in the FRP, while Lewis' own tunes run the table from the confessional to inner and outer changes be they political or of the spirit. Lewis' layered guitar loops and violin overdubs allow the band to move in unpredictable directions including long-tailed jams, while rhythmic and soaring rock-infused fiddle tunes like Lewis' homemade scorcher Lighter Than Fancy round out their repertoire.

A studio version of  the trio playing Spencer's Every Precious Day:

A different incarnation of the FRP with an historic meltdown and interpretation of John Stewart's Some Lonesome Picker that features Jay Ekis on lead guitar and Rudy Dauth on bass. Listen for the transitions as the band shifts its gears around the 3:30 mark...

Rockin Fiddle and other FRP tracks on Soundclound:

A looped version of the FRP trio lineup doing John Stewart's Some Lonesome Picker at Buch Speiler's soundstage in Montpelier, VT: