Spencer Lewis

Musician, Composer, Wanderer

Music that paints the rural landscape...
and quiets the mind


Lighter Than Fancy

by Spencer Lewis

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An evocative blend of Irish, American Folk and old - time reels, waltz's and instrumental ballads produced in Lewis' trademark, multi-layered violin sound.

The 'fiddle' album; lilting and dreamy, light yet emotional, swirling and soaring. Most of the tunes are backed in the Celtic-based, open-tuned guitar style  to accentuate the traditional influences in these songs.

"One of those rare fiddle albums that make you want to crank up the volume and dance around the room."  - Dirty Linen

"Lighter than Fancy is a loving celebration of - and addition to-traditional tunesmithery."
- Pamela Polston, Seven Days

"The music from Lighter Than Fancy swoops and soars like a field of lightening bugs. It's not about dazzlement or altitude, but the glowing rise of melodies that make you wish the sugarbush were wired for sound." - William Craig,  Valley News.