Spencer Lewis

Musician, Composer, Wanderer

Music that paints the rural landscape...
and quiets the mind

A Sense of Place


A Sense of Place


Lewis’ signature album and all-time biggest seller featuring the solo steel-stringed guitar, dreamy synthesizer and soaring violins; serenades, a dance, a suite, each song a destination unto itself.

Reviews on Amazon:

I found this CD in a country store in New Hampshire. Listening to snippets from two tracks were enough to sell me. The gentle guitar and violin cuts provide a wonderful background for work, relaxation or reflection. I played this as I toured New Hampshire and Maine during the two weeks following the attacks on New York City and the Pentagon. This music was the antidote my soul needed. - J.R. McCrackan

My most favorite CD I own. My husband has been hooked too. It returns me to "A Sense of Place" within my soul. The best time to enjoy is driving during sunset or sitting in your Vermont Mountain cabin enjoy the fireplace and the snow.
Thank you Mr. Lewis for giving me music that helps me find my "Sense of Place" - Kimberly wargo

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