Spencer Lewis

Musician, Composer, Wanderer

Music that paints the rural landscape...
and quiets the mind

The second room for isolation and viewing other musicians in the main room.

The second room for isolation and viewing other musicians in the main room.

 We record Acoustic Music

Solos, duo’s, trio’s, & groups using 30 + years of recording experience.

First time demo’s or full albums. Use the recording experience of a producer who has sold 130,000 + albums from music made in these studios since 1988. 45 acres with hiking trails for chilling and relaxing between takes. We use the UA and the 003R platforms with Pro Tools. Mastering done in-the-box as well. From the first note to a final red-book CD, uploaded to Oasis, CD Baby or whoever you choose for your digital brokers.

Clients include:

Mark LeGrand & Sarah Munro - Produced the singer-songwriters’ first album: Michevious Angel (recorded all basic tracks;mixed by Roger Stauss)

Eric Wright & Mairi Rankin - Celtic/Old Time - The Cabin Sessions (recorded basic tracks, mixed by EricWright Sound )

Michael Jermyn - Recrorded & Mixed the singer-songwriter’s first album: “Aristocratic Peasants Unite” – won the Barre/Montpelier Times-Argus Tammie Award for Best Singer-Songwriter Album. “Jermyn worked with Spencer Lewis, the respected new age fiddler and guitarist, to get a sparse yet effective sound.”

Gypsy Reel - (Celtic) First demos

Davey Davis - orignal tracks for Country Eastern

Peter Neri - Solo Guitarist first album from 1998 and his most recent Rough Edges

Beth Telford - Cape Breton fiddler, demo recording

Art Edelstein - (Celtic) demo for his group Borealis

UA Twinfinty Tube  pre-amp

UA Twinfinty Tube pre-amp