Spencer Lewis

Musician, Composer, Explorer.

Music that paints the rural landscape...
and quiets the mind

 Uplift, inspire, reflect and expound

"Say you will, say you can, say it is, positive" - Spencer Lewis   - "Rocktomism"

IN OUR TIME __ revised 1000 square.jpg

Below is classic confessional songwriting from the album "From Now To Now"


"I am leaving, my mark upon this land

I am learning, the world is turning, these stones back into sand

As I lay, the Stones of Gilead"


A gem from a close friend and songwriter, the late Rosemary Phelan:

As a folksinger-songwriter he draws  from a vast repertoire of folk-rock from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s artists who virtually defined the genre: Eric Andersen, Bob Dylan, David Blue, John Stewart, and Phil Ochs to name a few.  Then there are songs that are simply too rare for even the radar to pick up like Uncle Jed, which he performed this summer at an arts festival:


Folk that rocks: The FRP doing  Eric Andersen's Violets of Dawn with Chas Eller adding a live Hammond B-3 w/ Leslie Speaker: