Spencer Lewis

Musician, Composer, Wanderer

Music that paints the rural landscape...
and quiets the mind


In Stillness

by Spencer lewis


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Reverent, Acoustic Tone resides inside the symphonic complexities of the six string steel-stringed guitar.

The stillness of time, the expansion of space is embedded within these solo guitar meditations. This is Spencer's 22nd CD yet his first to be exclusively solo guitar. On this CD Spencer explores the subtle nuances of tone through articulation, sustain, pull offs, trills, arpeggios and pace. While almost exclusively finger picked, each song is a cathedral unto itself, framed in holiness. By definition, a mantra is "a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation". As songs, they begin as simple riffs or melodic passages before subtle changes begin to enhance their humble foundations. Sometimes it’s a bass note placed in a verse the second time around, or counterpoint, or the same notes played but in a higher register up on the neck. Sometimes it’s just allowing the overtones to carry over when the moment arises. Yet ultimately, it is the deep focus and intent by which they are all recorded.